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We are glad to welcome you at this website devoted to the magical art of Cross Stitching. We are sure that it will be of a great help to develop embroidery skills, get inspiration for new works of art and develop your own cross stitching designs that will bring joy to you and your beloved. Either you are already a skillful embroideress or may be you just start to appreciate this amazingly fascinating craft of cross stitching, you will find this site of some use for you personally.

The most valuable part of this site is definitely a collection of free cross stitch patterns. With pride and joy we present it to you and offer to find the embroidery design that will fit you personally and which you'll find a pleasure to cross stitch. Absolutely all cross stitch patterns are free of charge!

For your convenience our free cross stitching patterns have been sorted by categories. You can also search for free stitching patterns based on the number of flosses used and based on the size of the embroidery. All designs are supplied with a preview, so that you may see how it will look when cross stitched, and a cross stitching pattern, which is basically a scheme where each cross stitch is presented in a form of a certain symbol depending on the color of the floss and stitch type. These free cross stitch patterns are all printable as well as the legends that go with them.

Our free cross stitching designs include patterns of nature, birds and animals, Christian motives, cartoon characters, landscapes, zodiac signs and even celebrities. We are sure that regardless of your mastery level and taste you'll be able to find among these stitching patterns something that you will personally favor a lot!

Please contact us with patterns themes suggestions to expand our free cross stitch patterns collection.

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Animals Cross Stitching Patterns
Morning In the Pinery

Flowers, Meadows, Bouquets Stitch Patterns
Morning In the Pinery

Brad Pitt


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