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Of course it is easy to download and print a favored landscape or any other pattern from our gallery. Moreover, you may do it for free. Yet, no one can deny the fact that cross stitching kits available at many craft shops, which include everything starting with a needle and ending with the most important part of it – a stitching pattern itself, can be very convenient and pleasant to work with. Here we would like to tell you about most popular stitch patterns makers, whose works of art have already been highly appreciated by embroiderers throughout the whole world.

This brief overview of cross stitching pattern kits will make you familiar with the specifics of embroidery kits created by most recognized companies in this field.

Lanarte (Holland)

lanarte floss organizer Lanarte cross stitching patterns often resemble watercolor art. Their kits often include flax, linen, cotton, rendered and printed canvas. Lanarte provides canvas, DMC threads, black and white pattern and a needle. Threads are all sorted using paper organizer. Unfortunatlly, floss numbers are not provided in the key.

Most famous designs by Lanarte are: Spanish Beauty Cross Stitch, Tiger – The Hidden King, African Woman, Arabian Woman, Girl with Horse.


The salt of Dimensions patterns is the variety of stitch types used in their designs. Besides familiar to most of us cross stitch they use half stitch, backstitch, longstitch, french knots. Other than that, each of these stitch types can be done with one, two or more flosses, which adds volume to the final work of art. Dimensions’ designers also suggest blending floss colors to reach perfect transitions in the embroidery.

dimensions houses stitching pattern

Dimensions cross stitching patterns are well known for lots of backstitch, which makes embroidery look very realistic, considering that stitch patterns are normally quite small in size. Besides wonderful cross stitching kits Dimensions also offers kits for other types of embroidery and painting kits.

Dimensions kits are completed with their own flosses, which are problematic to be substituted with threads produced by some other company. This is the other reason that makes their kits so popular. Flosses in the stitching kits are not sorted on paper organizer, they are provided in bundles and you’ll have to sort them yourself following the precise instructions provided with a kit. The printed stitching pattern is very comfortable in use. It is printed in color and different red, blue, black and green signs are easy to differ.

dimensions cross stitching kit Most famous designs by Dimensions are: Japanese Girl, The Wave. There are also many popular designs with village houses and landscapes.

Heritage (England)

The distinctive feature of Heritage stitching patterns are horizontal and vertical half-stitches. They are present in almost any design. Blending of floss colors is also used in Heritage designs. The corresponding DMC floss numbers are provided in the key, which makes it possible to cross stitch Heritage designs easily if you have at least stitching pattern. This is nice though, that the kit provides stitching pattern in two versions. The first one is black and white without backstitch, the other is the same but with backstitch. So you first cross stitch the pattern using the first pattern, then do the backstitch (usually there is plenty of it) using second stitching scheme.

heriage counted cross stitch pattern cat heriage counted cross stitch pattern cat with backstitch Most famous Heritage designs are: Clayton Circles, International Series and Margaret Sherry's cats.

Candamar (USA)

Candamar is one of the most famous companies specialized on kits for partial stitching. Famous Candamar designs are based on Thomas Kinkeid paintings. Kits are usually produced in two versions. One is for cross stitching, another is for partial stitching, where design in already printed on canvas, but you have to stitch the details. Threads are provided in bundles, as in Dimensions kits, so you have to organize them yourself.

candamar cross stithing design

Anchor (England)

Anchor kits include canvas, Anchor flosses, stitching pattern and a needle. The kit includes two patterns – one with backstitch, another without. The pattern includes not only the key (sign and number of corresponding anchor floss color number), but also the length of the thread.

anchor teddy hearts counted cross stitch Most famous Anchor designs are: Teddy Bears, Poppies Field, Cammomiles Field.


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