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Beware, this is a very difficult pattern to cross stitch. There are 80 floss colors used here and lots of single stitches.

violets embroidery
Grid width: 150W
Grid height: 111H
Number of colors: 80
Copyright issue: The cross stitching patterns are available for familiarization purpose only, so that you can evaluate the difficulty of the embroidery. All downloaded patterns are to be deleted afterwards. Cross stitching patterns may not be used for commercial purposes. The administration of the website and hosting is not liable for visitors' miscarriage.

the symbols in violets.rtf

the symbols in violets.rtf is different from violets-cross-stitch-pattern.png. can you please provide rtf file with right symbols

I told my kids we'd play

I told my kids we'd play after I found what I ndeeed. Damnit.

That insight would have

That insight would have saved us a lot of efroft early on.


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